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Today was a good day.. I ain’t had to kill nobody.

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He was all like ‘take a selfie of us,’ right? Should’ve known something was up when he looked away…next thing I know…

'Do you know why I pulled you folks over?'

(Ctfu @ my face tho)

Semi-Throwback with favianpacino


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blood bros

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So I was juggin a lil ganja in the hood

then I received a collect call from IMVU county jail

it was my lady friend PeppermintPhatty

she was saying they trying to give her 2 years IMVU jail time

for being a dope developer

so I told I her I was coming thru to drop some racks for a bond

they can’t hold the real back

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Haha they be watching on the low like.. 

Rico: Might have to drop ‘em. Might have to drop a dime on them niggas. I don’t like that shit.  

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Got a Text from a Legend favianpacino . Look for them shots with Music Legend favianpacino 

If you dont know who favianpacino is on IMVU? you disregarding the ones before you, who you been lookin to be, who paved that road most of you artist’s follow. So Big Shout Out & Respect to favianpacino. Stay up Homie.

They don’t even know bro 

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